Program activities for JambOH 2016

Program activities will be held in the camp, near Ohrid lake, National Park Galicica and near the city of Ohrid. There are lot of activities with different difficulty levels, some that request previous knowledge and some are about learning culture and about being an active member of society. Every participant can create their own program for the camp, according to their needs and interests.

  • Workshops and short activities
    • Skills – Three different skills, which will be gained during a set of workshops at the camp. 3 levels of each skill workshop will be set at the camp, and they need to be passed in order to gain the skill badge.
    • Stencils – Creating their own stencils, patterns and cut outs which can later be used to paint with them t-shirts and other objects.
    • Linoleum – Using the old technique of printing with the help of linoleum the participants will draw and carve an image, which will later on be printed on a piece of paper.
    • Crafting – Making benches, chairs and tables by a given scheme with the help of an experienced scout and crafter. Also here they can learn how to light a fire in using nature materials only.
    • Ecology – Learning the methods on how to recycle paper, recycle plastic and creating different objects from recycled materials.
    • Water craze – A variety of activities and games in the water and on the beach.
    • Rafting – A training course to gain the proper knowledge and skills and rafting.
    • Archery – Learning the basic techniques of shooting an air gun and how to aim and use a bow and arrow to shoot at a static and moving target. For the smaller scouts their also will be slingshots.
  • One day activities
    • Ohrid cultural tour – A cultural tour whose main purpose is sightseeing and learning about the culture of Ohrid and Macedonia. As part of the tour the participants will visit churches, monasteries, traditional craft workshops, fortresses, museums etc.
    • Hike 10 – 15 km – A guided hike through the national park Galichica. An opportunity to get to know the surroundings and biodiversity of the mountain.
    • Cycling 30 km – A day spent cycling and with outdoor activities, on a 30km long route, Ohrid – Gradishte – Ohrid.
    • Social work – In order to express the humanitarian side of the scouts, a daily activity will be dedicated to aiding society.

Camp is for the kids and scouts above 11 years old

Payment for JambOh is 100 euros and in that price is included food, camp amblem, camp t-shirt, scout scarf, acreditation and program activities cost.

During the camp, all the participant are sleeping in the tents.

Personal equipment needed:

  • camp equipment (tent, sleeping bag)
  • personal needs equipment
  • swimming suit
  • hiking shoes

For more information, contact Scout Association of Macedonia and don`t wait, sign for the scout summer adventure with JambOh!

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Deadline for signing is till 1st of July.