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            Member of the Scout Association of Macedonia- Skopje can be any citizen of R.Macedonia that accepts the program of the Scout Association of Macedonia and the association works according the scout laws and respects the scout oath and is active in the work of its group.

Acceptance of new members is done in the basic units in the association:

According the age the scouts are divided in 4 categories:



a)      Cub scouts (7 – 11 years old).

b)      Younger scouts (11-15 years old).

c)      Scouts (15-20 years old)

g)      Seniors – members older than 20 years.

All members are named by one name -Scout.

Rules and obligations of all scouts are:

–          To realize the program, to respect the statute and to participate in the activities of their unit.

–          To use the materials and services of the organization as well as benefits that the society provides for the members of the association.

–          To develop and keep the image of the organization.

–          To wear the uniform and the symbols of the association during the scout activities, according to the regulations for uniforms and symbols


All activities within the scout group are conducted trough the basic, working and organization units in the organization:


a)      Working units:

–        Flock( working unit for cup scouts)

–        patrol (working unit for younger scouts)

–        club (working unit for scouts)

b)   Basic units

–        troop (cup scouts, younger scouts , scouts),

–        Crew (River and lake scouts)


v)   Organization units

–        Scout group,

–        Independent troop.

Every working unit has 5 to 10 scouts in same age and has a leader.