DION 2013 ended successfully

In accordance with the basic program of the Union N aizvidnici Macedonia , from 27 to 2013 s 29Septemvri . Lower Strogomishte , Kicevo, held the State Scout Orientation Match ( DION ) . The host of this event was the Scout Squad ” Bashkimi ” of Zajas . The location and host DION 2013 were approved unanimously by Stereshinstvoto SIM .

This competition was attended by over 100 scouts from 5 Macedonian fix .
The therapy in 2013 participated 10 teams ( 7 teams from I.O. ” Mirko Mileski ” 3 of I.O. ” Bashkimi ” ) . Teams of I.O. ” Mirko Mileski ” and I.O. ” Bashkimi ” competed out of competition because of their therapy in 2013 determined not full members of the SIM .
The RION 2013uchestvo took 8 teams ( 5 men’s teams and three women’s teams ) . In the men’s competition the results were:

1st Place – Adriatic side of I.P.O. ” Adriatic ” – Skopje
2nd Place – team Seagull 1 of I.P.O. ” The Seagull ” – Skopje
3rd Place – 2 Galeb team of I.P.O. ” The Seagull ” – Skopje

In the women’s competition results were as follows:
1st Place – team Brico I.O. ” MM Brico ” – Skopje
2nd Place – side of Seagull I.P.O. ” The Seagull ” – Skopje
The winner in the championship of 2013 is RION I.P.O. ” The Seagull ” – Skopje .

Note that teams of teams of I.O. ” Mirko Mileski ” and I.O. ” Bashkimi ” competed out competition RION 2013th because their set at not full members of the SIM .

DION For 2013 we can assess the quality of a natrevaruvachite Increased thus znachitetelno improved results of the teams of the past few years . You must also mention the presence of the poor by DION all set . As for the organization of DION 2013 general assessment is that the host squad I.O. ” Bashkimi ” their work done its quality . Competition Commission of 2013 DION complete its work in due time though general quality could be higher.
Certainly the most important thing about DION 2013 that for the first time host this type of competition was I.O. ” Bashkimi “.

This sends a message that the SIM is ready for all challenges and that is entirely dedicated in practice to realize the idea of scouting , and it is also to be dostaptno all . All participants DION 2013 without any problems fits in the middle stiffening old and started a new friendship that will last beyond the end of the match.