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Cub Scouts


Cub scouts (from 7 to 11 years old) – This is the youngest category in the structure of the scout units. Cub scouts are consisted of kids in the range of first to fifth grade in elementary school. In the scout units this category of members is structured in groups of 6-8 scouts and they have own leader, name and flag. In this phase, they acknowledge their benefit of being scouts such as the facing of new challenges, creation of new friendships, various activities and the importance of their role within their scout unit. These members are meant to learn through games and fun in which they have to understand the meaning of the game, the benefit as well as to suggest their games and activities. In this phase they are starting to basically explore the scout method and to learn the basic part of the scout promise and the scout laws. Most common activities from this category of scouts are games, camping, first aid, hiking, sports and so on