Creating a better world!

After thousands of kilometers past, switching through different means of transport, walking for days, they arrive at the border crossing Tabanovce. Thousands of them, each with their own story, why and how they left home, determined to get to their final destination.
With each bottle of water, warm meal, pair of socks we’d hand them whilst getting off the train, it felt like giving them strength to go on. Working with the other volunteers we did everything that was in our power to help them transit through Macedonia in a safe and fast manner. Giving them health and moral help, putting road signs to direct them towards The Republic of Serbia, securer and easier.
The biggest gain we got, was a “Thank you.” Small two words, uttered with a mild smile, but with eyes full of fear of what has happened, the horror put upon them and the unknown in front of them.
What started as volunteering, logistics and coordinating, helping those in need, has become a daily routine. It is all for that one cause – creating a better world

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