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Adults in scouting


Do you have passion for nature activities? Do you support health and active way of life as a basic thing for better life quality? Do you believe that you have something to offer to the informal education of the youth?

Do you want to contribute to the development of the youth in your community? Do you want to create a better world for the youth?

Basically, these are the basic objectives of scouting. Also, one of the basic goals of scouting is to encourage the physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual development of the young people so they are able to reach their full potential and as responsible citizens to create better society.

The adults can be key individuals that care for the youth to choose the right direction in their life. Adults can take part in the scout’s organization which additionally offers space and opportunities for every adult according to its spare time and wish to contribute to the scouting.

For adults in scouting there is a great opportunity to work with and for young people in their communities. Additionally, this opportunity allows the adults in scouting to help the development of the youth and their future but also to apply and upgrade their personal skills.

In addition, very important is the support given by the adults to the scouting programme in which the main objective is the development of the young people. Moreover, through the scout organization adults can build its self-confidence and organizational skills. The involvement of adults in scouting is always welcomed both on local and national level.

The network of adults in scouting that contribute the scouting at the end results with more advanced scouting for the youth and consequently with better society.